Thursday, 21 October 2010

Couple of illustrations

Busy busy busy! Astrology greetings card ideas. Click them to read the inside message.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Gravia Layouts

Here are 4 layouts from the animation I started work on over the summer. It's an advert for a fictitious brand of televisions:

Monday, 6 September 2010

I've been busy animating!

Here's a few drawings I've done over the summer (the whole summer, I know, its a terribly small amount for any kind of artist). 

There isn't a lot because I've been animating! Don't know why I haven't posted any of my layouts here, I might do that soon. (Here's the opening to that animation:

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

First official drawing post!

This is mainly what this blog'll be about, my sketches and whatnot. I'm thinking of making seperate blogs for things like, the production of an animation and so on. Anyway this be the main hub so, welcome home:

Stuff from around the interwebs

Here's a couple of selected old works to get the ball rolling, roll ball roll!

Gary and Reuben, August 2009

Computer Virus, November 2009

Darwinism, February 2010

Underwater Current, April 2010

Check out my Vimeo to see some past animations, Cheers!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

It begins!

All this new fangled bloggity stuff is alright innit?