Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Girl Walk Cycle 2

Whoops, I forgot to blog this one!

I did this a week after my last girly walky cycle, trying my hardest to improve. I think I'm getting there slowly. Not touched animation since though, I do miss it. I want to cut my teeth mastering the walk cycle- once I've done that I can move on to the more interesting stuff, but for now, expect more walk cycles!

Animated Walk Cycle 2 from Kristian Duffy on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Girl Walk Cycle

Been reading the 'ol survival kit a lot lately, wanna start from the beginning and get everything I can from it. I won't move on until I 'nail' walks.

This was animated traditionally then cleaned up in Flash. I also wanted to see how the new age digital tweening looked compared to classic step by step walking. I actually thinks it looks better, making it smoother and hiding my shortcomings in the animation. Though if the cycle was animated better (less jittery), I think it would be more natural step by step.

And finally it was also a test of my new light box. I gave in after all home made attempts came out rubbish and impractical.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hoopla! Another update.

First of all, a little comic I made:

(You'll probably have to click away to make it readable) Did to practice the medium/style. I've not done anything like this since I was about 14 so it feels like a new thing to me. 

As a 'new thing', it was quite intensive and difficult for just 3 panels but I quite like it.Wrote the joke with a mate o' mine years ago.

Next up is my animation showreel, which I made to represent myself over the summer and ttttrrryyyyy to find some work:

And a little bit of limited animation I did to test out how speedy I can be, this took 2 hours start to finish:

With both, click on the HD or Vimeo buttons to view them in better quality, thanks and good night y'all.