Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy belated new year!

Hello blog!

Well I've been busy haven't I? But enough of my words, here's some pictures:

First off, some freelance character design I did for a recruitment website:

Interestingly my first professional foray into vector based illustration after avoiding it for so long. It's not so bad afterall, I actually enjoyed myself. Don't forget to click on everything to make it bigger!

Next up, some more sweet and sour!

The first pic is of the 3 most recent illustrations I did. I'm afraid it was a ficticious Tesco commission.

The next 3 are  photomanipulations (in the case of the last one- it's mostly digital paint). The first two are self portraits! (with added beard)

And to sign out, just a little one I did of a bloke playing guitar (trees are too small though)

Finally, I'm working on some freelance animation too! Which is exciting, I'll be showing that on completion as well hopefully. 'Till next time, goons out

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