Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Vector work

Some illustrators, myself once included, shy away from vector work. I think it's down to the approach. It's handled very differently to doing an actual drawing/painting (or using a program to imitate this), it's important to realise this and stop trying to wrestle with Illustrator and it's chums to get them to do drawn stuff. The best approach for vector is to adapt to 'building' an illustration rather than drawing it.

It's no surprise that I gained more knowledge about Illustrator from my days of learning how to use 3D modelling programs than from drawing via traditional means.

Anyway I digress, I'm posting to show this off:

This is a title screen for a fictional iOS/Facebook game. I created it to show portfolio-viewers that I can do this sort of thing if it's what they're looking for. Admittedly I could've come up with a better title but in all honesty I want to move on! This took far too long.

Some close-ups:

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